Charlotte Observer: These 500-plus young performers are making history with Charlotte Concerts

Young musicians and singers from Torrence Creek Elementary, Butler High, McClintock Middle, Windsor Park Elementary, West Charlotte High and Hough High School will perform in a musical showcase.

WCCB: CMS Talent Shines At The Belk Theatre For ‘A Musical Showcase’ Competition

Created by Charlotte Concerts, A Musical Showcase featured performances by 14 instrumental and choral ensembles from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Judges, including Charlotte-native Anthony Hamilton, were in the audience and selected three overall winners from the performing groups.

Wilson’s World: Previewing Charlotte Concerts Presents “A Musical Showcase”

One of our favorite former Panthers, Jordan Gross, joined Wilson this morning as he was previewing tonight’s Charlotte Concerts Presents A Musical Showcase at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.

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Here’s how you win a world-class piano contest

BY LAWRENCE TOPPMAN   You don’t take the gold medal in the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, as Yekwon Sunwoo did last year, without massive musical chops.   But the victor, who comes to Halton Theatre March 1 to close the Charlotte Concerts...

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So who was Van Cliburn, anyway?

BY LAWRENCE TOPPMAN   Yes, he lent his name to America’s most famous piano competition, one that takes place every four years in his adopted hometown of Fort Worth. Each winner comes to the Queen City via Charlotte Concerts, as 2017 champion Yekwon Sunwoo will do...

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The greatest songwriters of the 20th century?

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George Gershwin: Half a Genius

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Three Geniuses That Died Young

Three Geniuses That Died Young BY LAWRENCE TOPPMAN   Three geniuses who died young   Any artist who still has a creative spark dies too early, whether he’s 56 (Beethoven) or 69 (Wagner) or even 87 (Verdi). But we mourn most deeply the ones who don’t reach...

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Siblings — but without the rivalry

BY LAWRENCE TOPPMAN   Siblings -- but without the rivalry   They’re all in their 30s, they all went through Juilliard as pianists -- after starting before elementary school -- and they’ve toured for 13 years as the world’s most famous ensemble of classical...

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Is ‘Star Wars’ classical music? You bet your lightsaber.

BY LAWRENCE TOPPMAN   Is ‘Star Wars’ classical music? You bet your lightsaber.   Which of these does not belong? a) Chopin b) Mozart c) Stravinsky d) Beethoven e) Williams (yes, John)   It’s a trick question: They all belong, and that’s why the 5 Browns...

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Five brains, 50 fingers, one mighty sound

BY LAWRENCE TOPPMAN   You’re onstage with four siblings, blazing through an adaptation of “The Rite of Spring,” rocking 440 piano keys with Stravinsky’s ever-shifting rhythms. What does that sound like? To tell the truth, Desirae Brown isn’t sure. “We work quite...

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