The 5 Browns

5 Steinways. 5 Siblings. 5 Outstanding Musicians.

Thursday, January 18, 2018 – 7:30 pm
Concert Preview: 6:55 pm
Halton Theater – Central Piedmont Community College 
Performance ProgramProgram Notes

Five brains, 50 fingers, one mighty sound

written by Lawrence Toppman

You’re onstage with four siblings, blazing through an adaptation of “The Rite of Spring,” rocking 440 piano keys with Stravinsky’s ever-shifting rhythms. What does that sound like? Read Entire Article

The 5 Browns - Live Interview

The Francene Marie Morris Show

Listen in as Francene Marie Morris interviews two members of The 5 Browns (Ryan and Melody) about growing up with music, attending Juilliard, and traveling the world playing piano!


Charlotte Concerts’ Outstanding Student

Calvin Chen


Calvin started piano 8 years ago, at the age of 4, at Charlotte Academy of Music after his parents noticed him humming all the time and striking at the piano. He progressed quickly and a year later, he began violin lessons. Calvin has been a member of Charlotte Academy of Music’s Piano Artistry Program for several years…

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